Meet Clove: VALORANT’s Self-Resurrecting Agent

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In the evolving world of VALORANT, a tactical shooter game known for its diverse roster of agents each with unique abilities, a new name is causing a stir among its legion of players: Clove, the self-resurrecting agent. This groundbreaking character introduces a fresh dynamic to the competitive gameplay, challenging traditional strategies and fostering new tactics. Let’s dive into the essence of Clove, exploring why this agent is reshaping the battlefield.

Who is Clove?

Clove steps into the VALORANT universe as a revolutionary figure whose main allure is the ability to self-resurrect. With a backstory rooted in mystery and resilience, Clove emerges as not just a survivor but a beacon of hope and renewal on the battlefield. The uniqueness of Clove’s power not only adds depth to the gameplay but also to the lore of VALORANT, enriching the narrative fabric of the game.

Abilities Overview

Understanding Clove’s abilities is crucial for both teammates and adversaries. Let’s break down what makes Clove a formidable agent.

  • Signature Ability: Phoenix Rebirth – Upon being eliminated, Clove can activate this ability to resurrect herself once per match, returning to the battle with partial health.
  • Secondary Ability: Guardian’s Shield – Clove can deploy a protective shield, providing temporary cover against enemy attacks.
  • Tertiary Ability: Echo Steps – This ability allows Clove to mimic the sound of footsteps in a chosen direction, misleading foes about her actual position.
  • Ultimate Ability: Resurgence Wave – Clove releases a powerful wave that revives fallen teammates within a limited radius, albeit with reduced health.

Strategies and Tactics with Clove

Mastering Clove requires a blend of strategic foresight and audacious gameplay. Here’s how players can leverage her unique abilities:

  1. Use Phoenix Rebirth judiciously; it’s a game-changer when timed correctly.
  2. Deploy Guardian’s Shield to fortify positions or during critical defusals.
  3. Confuse enemies with Echo Steps, creating opportunities for ambushes or escapes.
  4. Coordinate with your team for the ultimate Resurgence Wave, turning the tides of battle during critical engagements.

Impact on VALORANT’s Meta

The introduction of Clove challenges the established meta of VALORANT. Her self-resurrection ability disrupts traditional kill-centric strategies, pushing teams to rethink their approach to engagements and objective control. Clove encourages more team-oriented play and strategic depth, potentially shaping future agent designs and gameplay updates.


Meet Clove: VALORANT’s self-resurrecting agent, who is not only redefining death in the game but also revitalizing team strategies and the overall gameplay experience. Whether through her phoenix-like resurgence or her tactical support utilities, Clove stands as a testament to the continuous innovation and dynamic storytelling that drive the world of VALORANT. As players acquaint themselves with this new agent, the battlefields are set to witness strategies never seen before, making every match an exciting prospect.

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